Custom Reporting Services

As a professional, you know that the real estate market can be unpredictable. In this high-stakes market, doing your research, and knowing you’ve made a wise business decision isn’t always easy. But Landcor Data Corporation can help. With access to 77 unique details on the 1.9+ million properties in the province, we provide information and analysis to help you answer virtually any question related to B.C. real estate.

Landcor’s Custom Reporting experts will:

  • Answer your questions and share their expertise
  • Help define and focus your project requirements
  • Offer advice based on extensive custom reporting experience

Using comprehensive, accurate and timely information and our sophisticated programs, Landcor gives you—the decision maker—access to data that makes a difference.

We can create virtually any custom report for you, such as:

  • Location of homes under a specific assessed value, over a certain age
  • Location of all properties with swimming pools within a specific area
  • All single family dwellings greater than 8,000 sq ft
  • Number and location of specific retail properties within an area
  • All properties within 1,000 meters of a Skytrain station
  • All rental buildings greater than six stories
  • Value or sale price changes by property type, year over year
  • Geography, price and property-type preferences of foreign ownership in BC
  • Mortgage Portfolio Valuation and Stress Testing

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Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
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